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Discovery Days.

The Grouse season begins on 12th August, or the ‘Glorious Twelfth’, and stretches until December. Because the birds can fly at speeds of up to 80mph, it takes a high degree of skill to shoot them.


They are one of the most sought after game birds, and command a high price. They are also delicious to eat, and one of the best game meats available in the British Isles. Driven grouse shooting can be thought of as a pinnacle of game shooting throughout the world.


Stoneley Woods makes the ideal shooting lodge, and is fully equipped to accommodate the keenest of country sportsmen.


It is located on the private Pennyholme Estate, which includes one of the country’s largest and best grouse moors. The moor, Bransdale, is a 16,000 acre moor, actively managed to maintain the ideal habitat for wild grouse. There is also a high quality partridge and pheasant shoot on the Estate.


The House is designed to cater for the specific needs of a shooting party. There is a designated boot room, complete with gun cabinets, and a drying room to use after a long day out on the moors.


Because Pennyholme is a private Estate, when you go for a day’s shooting from Stoneley Woods you will have a uniquely exciting, challenging and exclusive experience.


Stoneley Woods Manor is an EXCLUSIVE-USE property offering complete privacy and luxury in a spectacular setting 60 minutes from York and 90 minutes from Durham Tees Valley Airport.
The entire estate is managed by professional, discreet staff and is available to hire for special events. For more information on availability and price, please email us on: