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From Regal Beginnings.

The ownership of ‘Stoneley Woods’ can be traced back to the Dissolution of the Monasteries by King Henry VIII in 1540 when it was given by the King, along with a vast area of surrounding land, to the Dukes of Rutland.


The Dukes of Rutland sold the Estate in the early part of the 17th century to the Villiers family, the first Duke of Buckingham. In 1689 the Estate, which totalled more than 90,000 acres at this time, was then purchased by Sir Charles Duncombe, whose family later became the Earls of Feversham.

The house now known as ‘Stoneley Woods’ was a tenanted agricultural holding comprising a farmhouse, range of traditionally built farm buildings and about 188 acres of land. This agricultural holding formed part of the Earl of Feversham’s extensive Duncombe Park Estate based at Helmsley. It was purchased by

Sir Charles Richmond Brown in 1935. When the agricultural tenant retired. Sir Charles then demolished the farmhouse and buildings and constructed the house, mainly as it is currently found today.


Stoneley Woods, together with two other tenanted agricultural holdings, woodland and a number of residential properties; in all totalling about 500 acres, became known as the ‘Stoneley Woods Estate’ after being purchased by Sir Charles Richmond Brown. Sir Charles died in 1995 and the Estate was inherited by his son George.


In 2001 the Stoneley Woods Estate was sold to Mr Peter Wilkinson and was added onto his existing neighbouring Pennyholme Estate.

The ownership of ‘Stoneley Woods’ can be traced back to 1540 to the Dukes of Rutland.

Stoneley Woods Manor is an EXCLUSIVE-USE property offering complete privacy and luxury in a spectacular setting 60 minutes from York and 90 minutes from Durham Tees Valley Airport.
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